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 This is a picture of my Mom, who was/is my bestfriend and business partner, and me before she passed in July 2017.

She is with me in  spirit and her wisdom, humor and strength continues to guide us in every way possible.

I promised her that the team would continue to grow, lead and help those who were ready and willing.

She taught me at a very young age, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Tao Te Ching

One of my mentors loves to say, "Successful people make fast decisions and change their minds slowly. The unsuccessful ones make slow decisions and change their minds fast."

I've never looked back after I took both these to heart.  

Today, make the decision to grow yourself into your dream and go for what you really want.

Teacher, Helper, Guide, Friend, whatever feels comfortable for you. I'm here,take a leap of faith and ask.

I'm ready
This is the original Smart Team. My Mom, Dad, Brother, me, my Son.
Taken 2015

Part Time Parenting W/ a Full Time Heart guide

I was a part time parent for 11 years of my son's life. A story I'll share if and when it's the right time. Family is everything to me and no matter what it takes to make it work, keep that in your heart.

Most of my thoughts and tips and hopefully wisdom are shared through my writing.

All you need to do is ask. I'm here.

Just ask me



I'm passionate about writing, when and where I write depends on my day to day life.  This is how I wrote my first book... on the fly.

If you need an article , story or blog written just drop me a note. Let's talk.

If you need something proofread and edited, shoot me an email.

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